About Finding Life Coaching In Sydney

Personal Coach Sydney Bren Murphy
Bren Murphy - The Personal Coach

Hi, my name is Bren Murphy and I am the principal of ThePersonalCoach.com.au - my life coaching service.

I came to life coaching like most other coaches - through a period of intense personal transformation and self discovery.  

I have owned my own successful small business for over 10 years, am happily married with three daughters, and live in the beautiful beachside retreat of Merewether, New South Wales, Australia

The main motivation for me to be of service to others with personal coaching is that I have a deep curiosity for others, and want to know what makes you tick.  

I have been told many times that I am a great listener, and that, combined with my curiosity and passion for lifelong learning, makes me an ideal candidate for your next life coaching experience.

Right now, if you want life coaching, you can call me for a conversation on 1300 084 004, or subscribe to my email newsletters to see what services I offer.