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Ctrl Alt Eat - Gluten Free Australian Blog
 “With a diagnosis of coeliac disease in 2005, I faced a challenging lifestyle change to permanently eliminate all traces of gluten from my diet, in order to feel well and live a long and healthy life.

I was both grappling with and enlightened by the disease I had, determined to eat only good gluten free food for good health. As I discovered new caf├ęs, restaurants, stores and products that offered wholesome gluten free food, I launched my blog Ctrl Alt Eat, in the hope my discoveries would help other Coeliacs feel well again too.

You can read more about Gluten Free when you visit the blog.

Gluen Shmooten - Gluten Free Australian Blog

 Gluten Shmooten is a blog all about gluten free in Melbourne – restaurants, cafes, eateries, with a few recipes and product reviews thrown in.

This website was born as a result of many long and frustrating hours googling ‘gluten free restaurant Melbourne’ when trying to organise a breakfast, lunch or dinner with one of my closest friends who is coeliac.

Here you will find an ever evolving list of restaurant, cafe and take away reviews that cater for a gluten free diet with either extensive GF selections or just a few hidden options. There are some fantastic places in Melbourne that don’t promote themselves as gluten free but do have some great gluten free dishes. You don’t need to sacrifice quality just because you’re sacrificing gluten.

You can follow the Gluten Shmooten story by reading more here.

The Low Flying Duck - Australian Gluten Free Blog
 The Low Flying Duck was born out of a desire for me to share my new experiences of living with Coeliac disease and how to turn it from being a sad imitation into a culinary joy. The blog pulls together some great recipes, restaurants and other culinary sources that have helped me make the transition.

I source recipes from my favourite cookbooks and websites with modifications to suit me and my family. I always attempt to get permission to reproduce exact recipes and acknowledge the source.

Australian Gluten Free Blog featuring a revealing personal story - read more here.

Thank Heavens - Australian Gluten Free Blog
 Coeliacs disease should come with a user guide. The diagnosis came delivered to my doorstep much like an Ikea flatpack. My life was all bits and pieces, all screws loose and lots of little packets to be opened. No tools, no manual, no handyman to show me the works. Just me, and an empty room waiting for a new piece of furniture.

I can’t give you the manual and I’m sorry about that. But I can be your handyman. Because I have got that chest of drawers up and working pretty good now, and I made most of the mistakes myself in the process. I don’t know everything that works, but I sure know a lot that doesn’t. And that’s a start. Hopefully a slightly better one than what you might face without me.

Inspiring Gluten Free Australian Blog - read more about it here.

Yum - Gluten Free Australian Blog
Coeliac disease is a common condition which affects 1 per cent of people in the Western world. It is more common among Caucasians and less common among people of African and Asian descent. In Australia, it occurs in at least 1 in every 100 people. Symptoms may start at any age, ranging from infancy to adulthood.

For unknown reasons, it is 2-3 times more common in women than men. The estimated number of people with Coeliac disease in Australia is about 230,000. This estimate does not included people with a gluten intolerance or people who choose to maintain a gluten-free diet.

Totally refreshing Gluten Free Australia Blog with plenty more to read here.

Australin Gluten Free Coeliac Blog

My name is Nicola and I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in March 2009. I hope my blog can help others find the support and good food to make going gluten free easier! I am a member of The Coeliac Society of WA.

I live in Bunbury, Western Australia and this blog is about my gluten free journey.   Coming along with me on my journey are my supportive and loving husband Aubrey and 8 year old son Kyle.   My Mum has also been supportive and always giving new GF recipes a go when we visit for lunch.

I found out I had Coeliac Disease in March 2009.   I had been seeing my fantastic naturopath Caroline from Healing Solutions for sometime and still had some digestive upsets but nothing too serious.   Caroline suggested a blood test and I also discovered that my two Aunties back in the UK had Coeliac Disease.

Another perspective on Gluten Free in Australia Blogs - read more here.

All in all, a great selection of new, up to the mintue Australian Blogs featuring original content and unique insights on living with Coeliacs and aspiring toward the gluten free lifestyle.


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