Gluten Free Personal Coach Bren Murphy

Gluten FreePersonal Coach Bren Murphy

The International Coach Federation (2004), the self-evolving international
regulatory body of coaching, identifies this approach as one of its four core coach competencies,
“facilitating learning and results”.

As explained within this competency, it is the responsibility of coaches to facilitate the development of goals and the designing of actions which lead to the achievement of these goals. Furthermore coaches must help to create client awareness to promote learning and development and finally generate the self-directed and self-regulated progress of clients by tracking their progress and managing accountability.

As Grant (2001a) explained, goal setting ignites the coaching cycle. This is followed by focused, planned action toward the achievement of the goals which in turn utilises various methods of observation, assessment and analysis to monitor and evaluate situations prevailing in clients’ lives.

Then, by capitalising on their inherent creativity and potential, clients’ realities are expanded towards a future vision. Finally, maintenance, support structures and constructive evaluation and feedback complete the coaching cycle in the achievement of goals.
Whilst this is a broad framework within which coaching occurs, there are also common elements of coaching processes which have been shown to lead to successful coaching outcomes.