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The pursuit of happiness encourages and informs much of what we do in our day to day life.

We work to have better things so that we can be happy.  We exercise and eat well so that we can be happy knowing we have done the right things.

Happiness Life Coach Sydney
Happiness Life Coach Sydney
Truly, happiness impacts numerous of our actions and efforts in life. We spend a terrific offer of time, effort and cash in the acquisition of 'things' believing that as soon as we have the ideal partner, house, vehicle, bank balance, physical qualities, ownerships, holidays or kids we will be pleased and fulfilled, that happiness will descend upon us and stay our consistent companion.

It is frequently our suffering that enables us to realise that joy is not derived from the outer situations of our lives-- that certainly, joy is an inside job.

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Possibly it is a quirk of human nature that we don't actively seek the ingredients for real happiness up until the unforeseen, the unasked for and often, the unimaginable happens in our life. Real happiness is not disrupted by the outer circumstances of our life. Real joy is not interrupted by trauma, tragedy, health problem or death of our physical body.

From the moment of our birth, our consciousness begins to enmesh itself into our physical body according to the feelings we experience. Whether we feel safe, safe and secure, loved, cared for, valued and happy or denied, afraid, overlooked, abandoned, abused or declined, the chemicals of our sensations flood from our brain and body and supply biological details to the cells of our body.

Scientific interest in joy-- or subjective well-being, as the majority of scientists prefer to call it-- has actually surged in the past few decades. Well-being is about more than experiencing positive feelings; it has to do with being pleased with life, satisfying our potential and feeling that our lives are worthwhile and have significance.  It's what we do at Life Coach Sydney.

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I am not concerned here with the joy of deep personal transformation or the bliss of enlightenment, but about daily happiness: the things that make ordinary people pleased-- or unhappy-- their individual lives.  It's about letting go of negativity and embracing happiness.

Our subjective wellness is shaped by our genes, our individual circumstances and options, the social conditions we live in, and the complex methods which all these things connect. Genes affect our wellness primarily through their impact on personality type such as extraversion and neuroticism, which are related to greater and lower wellbeing respectively.

We likewise now know there are genes 'for' depression, stress and anxiety and dependency (that is, they are connected with increased vulnerability to these issues).

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  1. Happiness is a result of sustained attention to achieve that end, with focus and clarity.