Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

Self-awareness: Self-awareness involves knowing your own feelings. This includes having an accurate assessment of what you’re capable of, when you need help, and what your emotional triggers are.  This is particularly relevant with mindfulness  as we explore and get in touch with our own sense of self awareness.
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MIndfulness Emotional Intelligence

Before you can do anything with emotional intelligence, you have to know what your emotions are.  This means you have to have a depth of self awareness – and improving your self-awareness is the first step to identifying any challenge and taking steps toward a solution.  This is emotional intelligence.
At Mind Body Calm, of course the most powerful way to greater self awareness is though mindfulness activities.  Here are some other ways to connect with your self and improve your self-awareness:
Keep a journal: Mind Body Calm recommends keeping a journal of your emotions. Choose a time that suits you for personal reflection, towards the end of the day, and write down what happened to you, how you felt, and how you dealt with it. Be mindful of times you over-reacted to some trigger.
Slow down (embrace mindfulness): Emotions have a habit of getting the most out of control when we don’t have time to slow down or process them. Stop and breather.  Practice living in the moment.  Make it a new habit.  Breathe deeply into your belly and perhaps raise your hands above your head.


  1. Finding the right Mindfulness moments makes all the difference.

  2. And it is there that the beautry of mindfulness lies. Mindfulness like so many other lifelong journeys of discovery and self exploration – is not something that is mastered with a workdhop or by downloading soething on your phone. Instead, with steady guidance and a no woo-woo approach, Bren Murphy will introduce you to a version of Mindfulness that is suited to all memebrs of your organisation.

    Simple,. Easy to apply terms and exercises that become second nature and part of the company vernacular. Truly a beginning of a culture shift and mindset shift – away from the mental health and taboo landscape and towards the understanding of a holistic, grounded clarity that encourages deep integrity, openness and self acceptance.